Supercentenarians Landscape Overview – Coming Soon

Coming Soon

“Supercentenarians Landscape Overview” is an upcoming 280-page open-access special analytical case study jointly produced by Aging Analytics Agency and the Gerontology Research Group that delivers a comprehensive analysis and overview of the top-100 longest lived and currently-living supercentenarians, as well as the 25 most socially and professionally active supercentenarians.

The report report delivers not just an overview of the history and data concerning the supercentenarian population, but also provides a more intimate look at the individuals who are possible supercentenarians, both those verified and recognized by the Gerontology Research Group and those still under investigation, providing valuable trends, such as gender and geographic distribution of supercentenarians, and first-hand accounts on how they live their lives.

A number of interesting trends and conclusions were also derived from the analysis behind the special case study. For example, Across all continents, the gender distribution of supercentenarians tilts heavily towards females, typically by a factor of 10. Even when the overall numbers are low – as is the case in Africa and Australia – the disparity remains.

In fact, the trend cuts across cultures and disparate environmental factors. Even within the  supercentenarian group, those at the highest age ranges tend to be exclusively women. While it appears that the majority of socially-active supercentenarians are women, it also appears that both men and women show very little chronic age-related conditions that would otherwise render them immobile at more advanced ages. This includes myocardial infarction and cardiovascular diseases, but also no history of strokes or other severe physical issues.