Longevity Policy Proposals

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity

World Health Organization

UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee

Proposal to the APPG for Longevity's “ National Strategy for Five More Years of Healthy Life Expectancy While Closing the Social Gap by 2035: Call for Evidence and Solutions

Response to the World Health Organization's "Decade of Healthy Aging: 2020 – 2030 Draft Zero Action Plan"

Proposal to the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's “Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living” Evidence Inquiry

United States

United Nations


Metabesity and Longevity: USA Special Case Study (Joint Project with Targeting Metabesity)

Proposal to the United Nations on Optimization of International Longevity Policy and Governance

Longevity Policy and Governance in Switzerland (Joint Project with Longevity Swiss Foundation)

National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019

Longevity Policy Official Submissions Press Release

Global Longevity Governance Landscape