Advancing Financial Industry Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech

Advancing Financial Industry
Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech
Volume II

“Advancing Financial Industry – Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech” Volume II

This proprietary specialized report is the second part of a landmark analytical series (consisting of 3 volumes, to be updated quarterly) on the emerging Longevity Financial Industry.

Whereas the first volume delivers a general framework and landscape overview of the industry’s major constituents, trends and segments, Volume II is a specialized report targeted toward executives and decision-makers of the global financial industry that provides tangible insights to optimize long-term strategy and provide financial institutions with the analytics and actionable tools to enable them to enter the new, multi-trillion markets of AgeTech, Longevity WealthTech and novel financial products for the 1 billion people in retirement globally, and for their clients aged 60+ and aiming to live up to 100 years and beyond. 

The market size of the global Longevity economy reached $17 trillion in 2019, and is expected to grow to $27 trillion by 2026.

The period of 2020-2025 is the window of unprecedented opportunities for financial institutions, and this can be considered as the time horizon when the Longevity Financial Market will become quite matured and well-structured. In order to secure significant positions in the new emerging Longevity Financial Industry, leading corporations need to act now.

A range of novel types of financial institutions are expected to appear and evolve, such as Longevity-focused venture funds, Longevity-AgeTech banks, Longevity index and hedge funds, and even specialized stock exchanges for Longevity-focused companies and derivatives. Their emergence is connected with the fact that current financial markets and institutions do not satisfy all the needs of interested parties and have a number of limitations and in many cases outdated business models. 

Volume II provides sophisticated, comprehensive and precise insights into the Longevity-related challenges and opportunities for the industry, as well as what financial institutions such as private wealth and retail banks, pension funds and insurance companies, asset management firms need to do in order to benefit, rather than stagnate, from the oncoming collision of two opposed Longevity MegaTrends: Silver Tsunami and increasing Healthy Longevity.

Major Report Deliverables:

  • Deep analysis of the Financial Longevity industry and its Top-150 main players 

  • Tangible forecasts on the Industry development for 2019-2025

  • Comprehensively described threats and opportunities for the financial industry as a whole and for particular types of financial institutions

  • Tangible forecasts on the 3-5 years horizon, providing an overview of novel Longevity-related financial products and instruments that will be market-ready by 2022-2025

  • Deep analytics of the AgeTech and WealthTech industries and the new financial products emerging in these segments 

  • Forecasts on the New Asset Classes and Financial Instruments 

Thus, this specialized proprietary Volume II of analytical report delivers tangible forecasts, analytics and insights into the challenges and opportunities of the emerging Longevity Financial Industry, providing financial industry executives and decision-makers with the information, expertise and analytics needed to successfully enter new markets, proactively secure leading strategic positions, and to act within the limited window of opportunity (2020-2025), transforming sources of stagnation and decline into new markets, wealth and growth driven by advances in Healthy Longevity. 

The third volume of report is the most specialized part of the series, adjusted to the interests and specific needs of those parties aiming to acquire proactive strategy and significant market positions in the emerging Longevity Financial Industry. In order to enter the Longevity Industry in an efficient manner and secure the opportunities it presents, it is necessary to study the positive and negative experiences of other companies. Thus, Volume III provides an exclusive case study, adapted for different types of institutions, which enables a full, real-world understanding of what should be done to succeed in the emerging Longevity Financial Industry.