Advancing Financial Industry Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech

“Advancing Financial Industry – Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech” Volume I 

Aging Analytics Agency’s 80-page open-access analytical report is the first part of a landmark analytical series of reports (consisting of 3 volumes, to be updated quarterly) that delivers a broad overview of the emerging Longevity Financial Industry. 

Aging and Silver Tsunami should be considered as one of the most acute problems of our time, whereas progress in biomedicine and increasing Health Longevity as one of the most promising opportunities in human history. And the upcoming collision of these opposed MegaTrends have created a massive multi-trillion market for AgeTech, Longevity WealthTech and novel financial products targeted toward 1 billion people in retirement globally. 

The market size of the global Longevity economy reached $17 trillion in 2019, and is expected to grow to $27 trillion by 2026.

Volume I delivers a broad overview of the industry’s various sectors, major participants and overall trajectory, profiling the Longevity activities and prospects of 150 large financial institutions including banks, pension funds, insurance and reinsurance companies and asset management firms. The report establishes a general framework and delivers relevant information about the Longevity trends shaping the financial industry, as well as the Longevity risks, challenges and opportunities it currently faces, providing knowledge, expertise and conclusions that will be of interest not just for financial industry professionals and investors, but also for the broader public, government representatives, media, scientists, entrepreneurs and others.

Financial institutions such as investment banks, pension funds, insurance and reinsurance companies, asset management firms and others can either utilize the opportunity of Healthy Longevity and thrive, or stagnate and decline when hit by the oncoming Silver Tsunami. Whether they succeed at riding the wave or drowning under it will depend not only on their willingness to deploy new business models adapted to the aging population but also on the quality of analytics and forecasting methods underlying them. The traditional financial industry needs to adapt its products and services to respond to the challenges of an ageing society. This implies creating new innovative products in the fields of AgeTech, Longevity WealthTech, Health Insurance and new financial products for clients aged 60+ and aiming to live up to 100 years and beyond.

Major Report Deliverables:

  • Why the financial industry needs to monitor longevity trends, how they are affected and what are the consequences of increased longevity for pension funds, insurance/reinsurance companies, banks, asset management firms; 

  • List of Top-150 financial institutions Advancing Financial Longevity Industry – the institutions connected to Longevity in one way or another (e.g. which have special products, do longevity risk transfer, implementing new Longevity-related business models, etc); 

  • Challenges Facing Financial Institutions Entering the Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech Market, including economic analysis of longevity risk, which countries are exposed to this type of risk, and methods for mitigating this risk; 

  • Rising Financial Hubs for the New Financial Longevity Industry – which countries and cities are more developed and adjusted to the reality of increasing longevity. 

The second and third volumes of this landmark report series are specifically targeted toward executives and decision-makers of the global financial industry and deliver practical answers to key strategic questions, challenges and opportunities relating to the emerging Longevity Financial Industry, providing the information, expertise and analytics required to enable financial institutions to enter new Longevity Financial Industry markets, proactively secure leading strategic positions, and to act within the limited window of opportunity (2020-2025), transforming sources of stagnation and decline into new markets, wealth and growth driven by advances in Healthy Longevity.